Gearblizzard store constant emails & dishonest sales

I might have to block the store from emailing me because every day or every other day I get an email.
Here is a screenshot of the emails they have sent for the past 13 days.

Today I get an email to say “25% off for the black friday sale…” meanwhile this is the same 25% offer I get sent literally twice a week for a year now just labelled “black friday” to attempt to entice me, do you think people won’t remember the 100s of emails that have been sent previous about a 25% off code? the funniest part is - ITS THE EXACT SAME CODES USED EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Then when it’s not an email for a 20/25% off code I then get constant emails about how I “left something in my basket” and to “hurry it’s selling fast”

and then when a code is about to end I’ll get more emails to say “final few hours” about a code that you’ve been sending me every week for over a year.

that being said, the old store was much better before Fanatics took over, and I hope you consider changing back to the previous company in the future.