Gear Tracking Statistics?

Hey there, I’ve been looking at updating the WoW Challenges code and see a HUGE piece of data that seems to be missing:

Gear Tracking Statistics.

This was usually found with the statistic endpoint (not to be confused with the statistics endpoints… extra ‘s’ at the end there).

This endpoint kept all kinds of things that we must have like number of Heirloom equips, Uncommons, Rares, Epics, Legendaries, etc.

Without that, basically tracking the Iron Man challenge is Dead as anyone can just equip Heirloom or whatever gear they want and have at it.

Please tell me I’m missing the endpoint… and it’s been moved somewhere else…

I’m not sure if that is what you are looking for, but there is this one: /profile/wow/character/{realmSlug}/{characterName}/achievements/statistics it is meant to replace the old community character endpoint fields=statistics.

You can see more details on endpoint migrations here:

Most of that is there… except the gear equipping tracking statistics like Heirlooms Equipped, Uncommon Equipped, Rare Equipped, etc… We do use the other stuff… but… the gear equipped statistic is crucial to tracking :confused:

Are you sure ?

For me it shows on categories[0].subcategories[2].statistics[4] (Item slots equipped with Heirloom items)

I guess they moved the structure.

The odd thing is I’m looking at it as well… with two different characters and don’t see the items equipped… even using the Documentation official page and the raw data itself.

Not sure why I can’t add an image here… but this is the URL I used:


So… Looking at an old character I did not log into, I do see the gear… but not on a new one… is there another issue at play here?

Zymcore on Wyrmrest-Accord worked fine… but Leeta on Earthen-Ring US and Cryptstone on Dalaran US did not show the gear stats.

Yep, it is not present. I guess it is either a bug or they are not tracking this anymore. You might want to report this over the API Bug Report just in case.

Perhaps try asking it on the discord.

Greetings Stone,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. While I do not have more information to share at this time, I can share that we are discussing these changes internally. Apologies for the delayed response.

Thanks again.