Gear shop design changed?

Did Blizzard changed the design of the gear store ?? It looks like fake . My Blizzard account login doesent work and i am concerned about it because i tried to login . This morning the store looked differently than it is now

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I was wondering the same. :S didn’t see anything related to this yet… and i can’t access my old orders still pending.

I can’t even see the page, it just shows a File not found. ‘’ message.

Fanatics owns the Blizzard Gear store now too in addition to the OWL store. They cancelled all sales and raised the prices on many items. G r e a t.

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They cancelled all sales? Are you sure about that? I mean they put absolutely no info out about handing the reigns over to Fanatics so there’s no telling what’s happening right now.

I made a purchase for a preorder item that will ship out in December. I haven’t got a email stating from blizz nor paypal that I got a refund for it.

Sales as in any discounted items. It clearly says Fanatics on the new store.

Why would they do that?! It looks awful and cheap, it is no longer linked to our account and this was done with no prior information for us?


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Wow everything is so much more expensive… and the shipping to Australia is insane now :sob:

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will they continue to do the fine art collection? I noticed theres no more posters.

Looks like it changed on 10/8/19. The new site does look cheesy and at first I though it was fake. I clicked the support link on an email I have for a pre-order and it takes me here.

Lots of pricing when up, honestly I doubt I’d buy anything else from the store. Come on Blizz… WTH!!!


It looked so sketchy at first I went through blizzard entertainment to get to the gear store to make sure I had the right link.
This sucks. You have to make a new Log in for the site completely because it doesnt link your blizz account AT ALL.
There’s no more wish list options & Everything is overpriced. ($60 for a moonkin plush, are you kidding me?!)
And B L I Z Z A R D didn’t notify anybody about it. Would have been nice to get a heads up about the changes.
This week just keeps getting worse for Blizz stuff

Indeed… where the art print go? :frowning:

@Blizzard 54,78 € to deliver from the Netherlands to the Netherlands? Or did you change the warehouse as well? How do we pass from 7-8 euros delivery within a few days to almost 55 euros and uncertain amount of days of delivery. What a big downgrade on this service.

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Preorders appear to also be unavailable, nowhere to order Mei or Lucio statues now

The ratings for the store are terrible so won’t be purchasing anything. I’m not sure what they’re doing but there missing the mark on a lot of things. I was looking forward to buying some merchandise but now I won’t be because of these changes. Why fix what isn’t broken?