Gauntlet not dropping loot

I waited until Tuesday to run gauntlet with friends and people from my clan. Yesterday we cleared all 5 bosses and when we opened the chest nothing came out for anybody, we got a 15: message saying something along the lines that players in the wilderness would not receive loot! It thinks we’re in open world when we are not. So all 8 of us didnt get anything and now have to wait another week for it to probably do the same damn thing. Please fix before next restart. Maybe you should have it like raids 2 times a week on different days of the week for reseting from raids! Because we just waited 7 days for absolutely nothing at all, so now it going to take even longer for anyone to get loot from it since we can only play it once a week. And the lag is still off the charts in WAR,VAULT,RAIDS & GAUNTLET come on guys we soend so much money on this game we shouldn’t have 1 single issue let alone as many as we do.

The gauntlet only grants you the five exceptional rewards the very first time you run it.

You will receive nothing but a handful of blues / yellows if you re-run it.
It does not reset bi-weekly like raid / warband raiding rewards.

It’s not broken.
When this event was added to the game they specified it would reset per season.

Yes, yes you did. When you’re at the tree in Westmarch and you look at the Gauntlet, if it shows that you have a rank for how fast your raid cleared it, it hasn’t reset.

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