Games wont start after update PC

So the game started and a popup box came up with: “Please check your internet connection and tap OK (EPP)”. When you hit ok the client closes and wont start again. Dont know what to do, going to try a reboot right now.

I’m getting exact same error

Rebooting didnt help, scanning and repairing to see if that will help

Started for me a few minutes ago. Kicked me out of Forgotten Towers right as I started. Can get in with my iphone, so must be a PC related issue. Looks like server that handles the updates isn’t talking to the game client.

I have the same exact issue, I tried restarting client, pc, changing connection between wifi/lan/5g tether nothing works. It’s clearly an issue with the update client for DI on PC and blizzard needs to address this.

The game updated on both my Pixel 6 and iPad and working without issue on the same connection.

getting same error, tried scan/repair lan/wifi/5g(tether to phone) same issue tried restarting, restarting pc

This is what I am getting when starting my game on PC:

Please check your internet connection and tap OK (EPP)

I have also tried scan and repair with no luck. I’m not gonna go through 500 steps trying to figure this out like I did when game first released. There is clearly a spike of people have the same issue at the same time. Sounds like a server side issue and not a client side issue. Just gonna have to wait until Blizzard fixes it. Someone buy some gems on the shop or sometime. Maybe they’ve run out of money to fix the game.