Gameplay Offline

How do you sell games with single player campaigns? Then make them unavailable offline?
Is this a scam. never have the issue with seams and single player modes

If you can remember back to the early days of Blizzard and specifically Diablo I (mid '90’s), the games were not kept on a server as you understand it now. The games were kept on your PC and were easily hackable and there were so many internet websites that had hacks to “jack up” your characters to unimaginable levels. I can only remember D1 being a single player game without internet access attached at that point. Once Blizzard began to allow trading/selling of “items” etc., when the games became playable through the internet with persons that were not on YOUR PC, hacking the games spiraled out of control. Once Blizzard made the decision to keep the games themselves on their servers “hacking the game” disappeared (not for lack of trying, I might add). You purchased the access to play the game on their servers. What’s going on right this second is a “DDoS” or “Denial Of Service” attack on the Blizzard Servers, where hackers are attempting to disrupt or outright “deny” your play your game or even your access to Blizzard’s server. Blizzard is not doing it, hackers are and I’m sure the Blizzard Alpha Geeks are doing their best to get it under control. You can have the greatest internet security defense in the world and somewhere out there a hacker will take it on as a challenge to hack your site, be it for the so-called fame or holding your site for ransom. That’s the best I can explain it.