Gameplay Iterference

Does ever influence the outcome of your matches?

I made a new rogue deck after not playing for a while and was getting 10 game win streaks in dominating fashion, most matches not going further than turn 6 or 7 and in many cases without taking any damage. I got almost 80 wins in 3 days.

1 week later, every game I play now is a slow drawn out game that always goes to turn 10 and beyond and my win streaks are at most 2 in a row and I always take damage.

How do you explain that? My deck is the same. I know the season reset so maybe competition is higher among the lower ranks but I play the rogue because of the aggressive style and I enjoy short games, not long ones. The game all of a sudden turned into a huge time consumer for me as I am constantly drawing a nearly full hand of 4-5 (30%) cost cards for my starting hand when 70% of them are 1-3 cost cards.

I have noticed a similar pattern before when playing other characters in a similar situation but not 80 wins in 3 days.

Any ideas?

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