Game updates WITHOUT conditions

So, we can update automatically games “recently played”… What a subjective time value!!
Seriously, I have a killer optical fiber connexion, sustained gigabit bandwidth, it runs at the same speed as my LAN. I can (and I do!!) update automatically EVERYTHING on ALL my machines: games, applications, operating system, and this on 3 PC, a NAS, four smartphones, several connected devices, and I still can watch streamed videos without noticing lags.
All other game clients do updates automatically for ALL games, without complaining.

So why the Blizzard client forces me to update only games I play CURRENTLY? If I decide to play again Hearthstone - I didn’t used it for a while - then WHY should I be forced to wait for an update to play? If so, I’ll simply launch the update, say to myself “I’ll play after the update” and, finally, I won’t play at all… And in two months, when I will play again, there will be another update - and it will forbids me to play this game AGAIN.

I perfectly understand that this option may be interesting for low-end connections… But there is already an option to limit updates, even by forbidding some games to update, so why the F… is there no option to unleash the update system??