Game unplayable

Hello, game is stuttering very badly, no matter which graphics configuration I choose (realme gt2). For more, game is unable to connect via mobile data. Can someone help?
Regards, Jacek.

My account number is Gerberding#2383 in the resen dead server and i am having the same problem no matter what settings they are set too. Its is a horrible lag and then Studdars for a sec then crashes to my home screen… the game is unplayable right now!!! Please fix

İt was esspecially in party or in raids (multiplayer)
was kicking me out of game .After last update
the game always kick me out and dont let me play
game friends. Please solve this problem

Having the same problem I can’t even get through Fracture without lagging out and dying wtf people. Getting very frustrating and I don’t want to go to another game