Game stops updating display

Upon loading into a ranked match, the game would stop updating the display. Sounds still work, and when I tab into windows the display works as usual. My inputs to the game are still possible, as I was able to select Lucio and amp by some possibility. Upon trying to get the code for the game I was in (I imagined that might help?), this same problem was present in loading into the replay viewer. I can provide a video here. In both games this happened to me in, I had to close the game through task manager, as my team would lose with me playing without a monitor (essentially). I don’t care about my ranking, I just want to be able to play the game.


It’s a good thing you put a link to a video… I would have never guessed that this was related to Overwatch.

This is the wrong forum for Overwatch issues… Overwatch has its own forums here:

My guess is you will want to post in the Overwatch Technical Support forum… since it’s not launching properly.

Good luck with this.