Game starting freeze

Upon loading my game today, it stays at the loading screen and seems to lock up when it says “Starting game”. Backdrop keeps the animation and music plays, but never actually loads into the character select screen. I cleared my cache, made sure of updates and permissions, and restarted my device. Not sure whats going on.

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same here, the problem started about two days ago. i cleared data and uninstalled and reinstalled still the same. it will get to the character selection screen eventually, after frigging 10 minutes

Reinstalling after making sure all of its files actually worked for me. Still has random crashes though. It will be running fine one second then all of a sudden I’m on my home screen, stressing out everytime because I’m either in a dungeon or a rift and having to load in to a dead character or completely losing whatever rewards dropped. Ive had at least 6 legendary crests waisted because of it.

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