Game screen bugged, cant move on

Guten Tag. Bei dem Samsung Galaxy A51 (4G) gibt es die selben grafik bugs wie beschrieben. Aber trozdem kann ich das spiel noch wie vor downloaden.
Ich habe Befürchtungen das dieses Modell vergessen wird da es nicht auf der liste steht .

Having issue on my Samsung A51 as well. I’m sad that I’m still unable to play this game, although content that this is a known issue and Blizzard is working on a fix for it.

es steht auf der Liste, einfach den verlinkten redditthread checken :slight_smile:

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Sansung Galaxy Tab S6 lite , também apresenta erros gráficos, pixels na criação de personagens.

TAB A8 aber nicht … Hoffe die fixen das bald

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Samsung galaxy tab S6 Lite

Thanks blizzard.
End I have same problem on Samsung galaxy A 51.
Games work but some glicers on screen.

Would that be this one :

or this one

any info yet regarding samsung users will we be able to get it or not no feedback since its removed from store

Just be patient, they are working on it, regarding the number of people impacted they will keep us inform when they find the solution

En Samsung galaxy note 10 lite tambie existe el mismo problema

SAMSUNG S10+ So how long this will actually will take, the UI is perfect everything is clear except whole visuals, everything blured and faded.
How many more hours or days or weeks will have to wait???
We already wayyyyyy back of others players. Im even considering not even invest time or €€ in this game since poeple will be way outhere ahead of me grinding the hell out of the game. This is a dissapointing alot.


S10e has the same problem. Just want to add that since that model isn’t currently on the list.

I have same issue i use S22 Ultra

dont know whats the point we even discussing this blizzard wont even answer

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I didn’t add to a list of affected Exynos chipset phones as GSM Arena lists 2 chipsets it may use depending on which region (EU/Latin america or US/China)

Can you find an app to confirm what your phone reports as it’s specs ?

Hi Bluespacecow, I have S10e and having this problem. The exact build is SM-G970F/DS. Adding a link to the gsmarena:


I use Galaxy s22 Ultra exynos and I Can Not Set Resolution to ultra and Can Not Set to 60 fps

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The same problem with Galaxy S10+. Chipset Exynos 9820
Samsung Galaxy S10+ - European distribution

Samsung TAB A8 (2022) with NO Exynos but the same Problem, graphical Issues. Tiger T618 Processor

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