Game reinstall problems

I uninstalled the game (retail and classic) two weeks ago. Upon reinstall, I get an “update” notification on the launcher. After clicking the update, a note pops up that it needs to scan and repair game files. After this it just keeps re-scanning endlessly (at least six times) I checked the error code and did everything that it said to do and still nothing. Any help here


Same issue here. Any help would be appreciated!

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having the same problem, still no fix and no blue help…thanks blizzard

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My brother and I had the same problem. Ours was resolved when we manually moved download to D drive. Problem seemed to be that there was not enough space on the C drive. Hope it helps. Not really sure that’s the problem or the answer lol but we are downloaded and running.

This worked thanks my mans

after i read this crap i am not going to resinstal game and,for what???for another scan and repear endless loop???after more then 10 years the day i quit have finaly arive,is shame it end like that