Game keeps freezing with occasional crashes

As title says. Here are some system specs. This even happens turning graphics to 1

Catalina 10.15.2
MacBook Pro 13 inch 2017
2.3 ghz duel core i5
8gb memory

I have a brand new one and it has been doing the same thing since the new patch…grr super frustrating. I did everything they recommend doing (which is ridiculous esp on a new computer that I just got and have only used battlenet apps). Latency is sky high, fps is significantly lower than normal. I mean I understand there’s going to be a surge online bc of the new patch but don’t blame our computers for it! Lol

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When you decide to take a break after doing your dailies by leveling a vulpir, and scarlet monistary crashes a good 10 times and crashes once. you know blizzard messed this patch up HARD