Game keeps freezing with occasional crashes

As title says. Here are some system specs. This even happens turning graphics to 1

Catalina 10.15.2
MacBook Pro 13 inch 2017
2.3 ghz duel core i5
8gb memory

I have a brand new one and it has been doing the same thing since the new patch…grr super frustrating. I did everything they recommend doing (which is ridiculous esp on a new computer that I just got and have only used battlenet apps). Latency is sky high, fps is significantly lower than normal. I mean I understand there’s going to be a surge online bc of the new patch but don’t blame our computers for it! Lol

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When you decide to take a break after doing your dailies by leveling a vulpir, and scarlet monistary crashes a good 10 times and crashes once. you know blizzard messed this patch up HARD

I’m on Catalina and I crash every time I get the Sky Temple map. Shortly after game countdown and start, either HotS locks up, my MacBook locks up, or the entire computer freezes & restarts. This is a brand new MacBook Pro, too.

When it started a couple of weeks ago, I thought maybe it was the sidecar mount because of other mentions. Now I know it’s specifically Sky Temple for me. I don’t know what to do at this point. Being categorized as a leaver makes the game doubly unplayable.

There’s currently a known issue with Catalina and Heroes of the Storm, similar issues occur with StarCraft II. Setting the Shaders to Medium can help reduce the amount of graphical and crashing issues in a few of the maps including Sky Temple. Our team is aware and this has been listed on our Known issues for Heroes of the Storm here.

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