Game is ruined. Great Job

Not only does the new expansion suck…the changes made suck too. MONEY HUNGRY Blizzard does it YET AGAIN…I have uninstalled the game and will never play it again. I have spent around 4 to 500 bucks over the past 3 years playing this game…and for what? Can’t even do the achievements without AGGRO players destroying you before any can really be achieved…great job…hope the player base continues to drop…in this game and War Zone where cheaters are rewarded…derp

This forum has nothing to do with Hearthstone. It is for the API that third party websites use to display Blizzard game data.

In fact, none of your posts is in the right place.

If you want to give feedback about Hearthstone you need to post on the HS forums.

I suggest ONE post in the proper subject forum.