Game is crashing very often


report id: 3794F787-221B-46A9-A42B-5046DD93AEDB
another one just in case: 03262C7E-F6F7-4F54-AB5B-4AC68BAFF004
only happens when i start slaying mobs in the worldstone lvls usually,single player.



Interesting error. Something is going wrong suddenly when the game is interacting with ntdll.dll(Directx). This can be occurring at the OS/Driver level.

For troubleshooting I would recommend the following steps:

  1. Ensure your Operating System and display drivers are fully up to date. We offer support if you need help with these steps Here.

  2. Try disabling background applications following the steps Here.

Retest. If the issue continues I would recommend reinstalling the game. Make sure to install Diablo II -> Then Diablo II LOD -> When you run the installers and the first time you run the game, right-click and select: Run As Administrator -> Connect to to patch. Retest.

Thank you!


Hello Sorry for late reply, Still have this issue Even after following your steps…
New report ids! Hooray

Some more pre Reinstallation report ids:

At first i really thought it was the runeword “delirium” causing the crashes but after speaking to a few friends and taking it out of my build it does not seem to be the case…
Though i would like to say i do have someone i know who told me he can’t run it… a worthy mention
I do play a hefty amount of hours per day but that shouldn’t make the game crash? , beats me