Game hanging up at load screen

Since this morning’s update to Dragonflight, I cannot load into the game. I’ve checked, and the servers are up.
Oh- just was able to log in on my character who is in Oribos, but all my toons on Dragon Isles or in Stormwind hang up at about 85% loading in.


Same thing happens with me. Any toon on the Dragon Isles gets stuck on the loading screen.

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im having the same issue with my main

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Now none of them load.

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i cant log into anything at all.

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I am having the same issue.

Just gotta play the waiting game I guess.

Getting World Server is down.

It shows “World server is down” error. I asked for a “character stucked” service and couldn’t complete as well, sugesting I should open a ticket.

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ohh blizzard . why do you always seem to break shi# when your supposed to be fixing ?

I am having the same issue. Glad I’m not alone.

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Thanks, can at least log into alts running Nalek mount farming :slight_smile:

Getting the Same. Long log in bar, followed by World Server Down.

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So far only area ive been able to log into is the shadowlands areas none of my 60+ toons ive been able to log into

10 minutes ago:

You should be following the WoW forums… not the Desktop App forums !

18:30 on the west coast. The game wont load. Had horrible stutter/lag issues/crashing issues since day 1 of the release on Nov 28. Using a Mac with updated operating system. Downloaded Blizzard all over…cleaned my disk…emptied caches…whats up?


If you’re using Mac OS Ventura, you should note that there seems to be issues including crashes, flickering screen, etc. You should probably post in and/or follow the WoW Mac Technical Support forum:

Good luck !

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