Game Exe. not stoping on Task Manager with 3dfx

Hi! I’m new to Diablo 2 so I’ve been doing the config to video, audio, etc…
The thing is i’v downloaded the 3dfx DLL and everything works fine, excepts for everytime I’m closing the game it doesn’t close the process on the task manager.

I’ve only found one topic that says there’s a problem with the 1.14d patch and de DLL, but one response of that topic said that he didn’t have the issue.

¿Anyway to fix it?
If someone already figured it out and have a link with the info please help


PD: only happens with the “-3dfx” command, if i don’t use it it closes in the task manager

i noticed this as well ive been having weird issues… one time i looked at my task manager and it said there was 3 LOD’s running

yes, that happens everytime if you open a new game… i don’t have any problem with the gameplay nor the graphics… but it really bother me, that the task keeps going on after i close the game.
And as I said before it doen’st happen if i don’t use the Wrapper.
I f i go with the shortcut just with the “-w” commando it closes okay.

i suppose it’s a wrapper thing.

Wrapper thing. Depending on how you close the diablo 2 window it will also keep you logged in. IE cdkey in use by you.

I’m am unsure if there is away around it as I use wrapper on different computers, and cannot recall if I ever figured that out. Since D2 does its “ghosting” and always have, I just established that as part of the game lols.

In any case, here are some instructions on the wrapper for diablo 2. Maybe this set up will get the results you want.


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Hi! sadly i did everything on the link you send and it doesn’t stop the task.
So i suppose it’s a wrapper thing and the compatibility between patches and DLL.
Thanks for the response.

If anyone else figured it out hope you send the solution