Game downloading bug

When i download a game everything will be fine for the first 10% of a 40gb download but then it decides to completely kill my entire network (and i mean everything), this means that my network gets put down to 30kb/s max, i can’t surf on the web, i can’t play or do anything until i pause the game and shut down the app… when i then relaunch it, it goes back to normal until i reach 20%, after this everything goes back to 30kb/s but this time, pausing the download and turning off the app isn’t enough… restarting the computer, unplugging the network cord and plugging it back in doesn’t do fix anything at all. what is required to fix it at this point is for me to unistall the game downloaded from your application. this mean the app is pretty much telling me to not use it and not play any games from it at all… (this issue is only on, using steam to download is no problem, i can do everything like i normally do but the second i decide to use, the entire network dies).
by the way, this has been reported to your support before i came here and i had shared my msinfo and that other textfile for them to do all the necessary checks to solve the issue but everytime they just end up making up new excuses and gave up…

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I am also struggling with this issue. I have tried many different combinations of values for the download limiters, and even an extremely low value is not being enforced.

Several weeks ago, I had the inverse problem where downloads would not be received at the expected rate, possibly due to slow servers. However, I did not see any product announcements or technical announcements that would lead me to think that it’s an influx of download requests.

It is extremely frustrating to have these features not work, as I literally cannot do anything else on my computer while these updates occur.

I hope Blizzard also changes the Kbps to Mbps, since Mbps is the number that everyone is used to seeing from their ISP. There’s no reason to make people type three extra zeroes when calculating the limiter number.

I have the same issue but 10x worse as the game gets closer to finishing the download speed gets slower and slower. I started downloading at 100+ MBS. Once I got to 90% it slowed down and then at 97% it went down to 1 MBS to MBS and now at 99% I’m downloading at 400 KBS.

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