Game data and profile privacy

Your preference is still being processed. If you need to update your setting for Game Data Privacy, please try again later.

It has been more than a few days and this setting has still been in the midst of processing. I need it to be finished processing so that i can link my BNet to other websites without it displaying an error telling me that a setting is still processing.

Roughly how long will this take to be processed? and are these wait times normal?


I have this problem too


When was the date you turned off the setting?

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Same, its pretty annoying

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have you gotten an update yet? Iโ€™m having the same exact issue. I submitted a ticket and canโ€™t seem to find anything online.

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Nothing, its close to being a week ffs

Also having this issue after almost a week, incredibly frustrating as I canโ€™t redeem a game from nvidia in the meantime.

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Yeah i refunded the code and bought cod full price -_-

Having the same issue here. Over 2 months and its still processing.