Game Bans. Wow specifically

The world of Warcraft account bans need to have a better and easier way to get unbanned for more minor offenses.

People who been playing for years and years with no history of problems to be get banned 15 years later for slip up’s on offensive language.

People who dedicate parts of their Real life to have all their work taken away, with out blizzard being able to talk and chat with a person or take their apologies in consideration to change an outcome is seriously a problem. Yes suspensions are totally fine even if they go longer and longer for more minor offenses. But to out right bank account without even talking directly to the person is just bad customer service.

Something more serious like hacking or selling gold I can. Malicious things of that sense are clearly ban-able. But someone who slips up here and there and maybe curse giving some random small amount of people to get you banned for ever is ridiculous.

Blizzard please look into policy change and being able to take apologies into consideration and reduction of punishment for certain offenses or at least give people a chance to get their accounts unbanned.

I think policy or ways to work with ban accounts to unban them need to chance.