Galaxy Tab A & Samsung Galaxy a71 5g smart phone

This is the 3rd thread opened since game release, the other two timed out after 30 days with no reply from blizz. Lots of controversy in online media about this company not replying to anyone needing tech support. Do I need to give you guys 100k dollars to get a reply?

These devices do not work, do not say they are unsupported, have none of the chipsets described to be an issue, and we are left in the dark. 3rd times a charm I’m hoping. If it isn’t going to work…just say it!


same issue have a galaxy tab a8 graphic still smeared =(
what irks me most is that the problem is not even acknowledged.

After I logged in starting New Battle pass season, my full game is pixelated with black and green pixels.
Start interface before “Enter World” also very pixelated.
Haven’t changed any graphic settings, still the same as before.
This issue makes the game un-playable for me right now.
used the repair client, with no result.
re-installed the game, no result

I Use Android on a Samsung Galaxy A12, wich should run good.

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Bump Samsung Tab A8 graphics still not working. I hope blizzard can at least tell us this WONT be fixed if they arent going to support. Hoping they do though considering i bought this new Tablet for this game.

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Well I guess confirmed they only reply to gigawhales.

My T2 wings not enough swing to get them to respond - where’s JT at?

Galaxy samsung M12 also have grafic issue