Future of gaming / MMO


I would like to see gaming become even more mainstream, integrate crypto mining with some sort of ultra immersive tube, and open up for realistic games.

I know why the company chose WoW to MMO first - because it was easy, and had mass appeal, I thought the Horde were the bad guys, pfffft.

In a Diablo MMO I’d like to think you could choose to be a minion of prime evil and have the game be 100% PvP, either siege-ing the high heavens or the burning hells.

And the SC verse MMO, would be like a blend of Freelancer + No Man’s Sky, but only FPS with badass abilities. Imagine being your own raynor’s raider’s with a hyperion type capital ship AS YOUR JOB (Bc crypto mining) or just somebody playing casually hitching rides on dropships / shuttles / overlords. (Travel could be done via turn base like old TDZK browser game - just to slow things down a bit.) Battle for planets by being booted into the fight, like you’re the “pieces” in the RTS game, and have to blow up the buildings and everything, the mechanics are already blue printed out in the games of ole.