Fullscreen Window Not working

After the small patch today when you open full screen window on PC its opening just a window screen.


Same issue here. Loads in top left corner of the screen and can find no way to maximize.

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Experiencing the same issue. It needs attention.

I have the same problem. Cant even try to go on settings because it’s out of the monitor.

I have the same problem. Full screen not working. Delete the game and redownloaded to no avail. Still same issue. needs to be address. Can not play.

I found a temporary solution. Press enter to bring up chat. Click on the gear icon to go into options. Select display and scroll down. Keep switching between windowed and full screen and it will eventually correct itself. What clowns these blizzard developers are.


Nearly 15 minutes flipping back and forth with no luck, here… ._.

I am having the same problem, I’ve tried for 2 hours. The things I need to play, and the window is all the way left and top, I cannot reach even the settings tab. Also, my mouse won’t leave the diablo screen. Help!

Having same issue, full screen window mode no longer works as it should, full screen works, window mode works but when you try to go full screen window mode it just expands the window to fit the screen and you have to look at the white window bar at the top of the screen. please fix this

Well at least I no longer feel like an idiot not being able to find the right setting to change to full screen. Thanks again Blizzard for releasing it before it is ready how many times over the years and I am talking since Diablo I has the same thing occurred with this company. So am I the idiot for continually trying to play their games?

having the same issue as well. was fine before today’s patch… can’t even select between different characters because you can’t see the left side of screen.

I am experiencing this issue as well. Was working fine yesterday. Was working fine every day for the past 2 months. This is a brand new bug with windowed fullscreen no longer working.

Windowed Fullscreen puts the game in windowed mode. Hopefully they fix this soon.

I play fullscreen, since the windowed versions always showed up the way it is for everyone describing it now and no way to move it to a better position. Even with fullscreen set, it would load up in that windowed format and then it would switch to full once I got to the character select screen. After this patch, it now stays windowed even when I fully get into the game, even though it’s still set as fullscreen.

After a little experimenting, I found that if I load the game, immediately close the game, and then load the game again it forces it back to fullscreen on the main menu screen (where you select your server). Of course, if you close the game to stop playing for a bit, the next time you load it up it’s back to the stupid windowed version. Hope that can help others if the previous option mentioned doesn’t work for you.

Does it work? So far, yes.

Is it ideal? Not at all.

Is this completely stupid? Most definitely.

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Yo tengo el mismo problema desde hoy, solo me carga media pantalla del juego, y no puedo jugar a pantalla completa ni usar ni jugar al completo, y tampoco ayuda el servicio tecnico, solo nos derivan aqui al foro para que digamos lo que nos ocurre pero nadie nos ayuda

I have the same problem since today, it only loads half the screen of the game, and I cannot play full screen or use or play in full, and the technical service does not help either, they only refer us here to the forum so that we can say what happens to us but nobody helps us

Me sucede lo mismo, quería jugar y no puedo debido a que no puedo acceder ni al menú de configuraciones, hasta hoy ese error no existía. Pero, con la nueva actualización, la pantalla se corta en la esquina superior izquierda

I have experienced the same problem in the topic and I tryed the same solution as you. Normally in the second start the game goes wright, but it’s not sure!

I’ve since been using the first solution stated by Wizardman, because it takes a bit less effort/time before you can actually start playing. As long as you were initially set to Full Screen, if you choose either of the other two options for display and then select No for the prompt of whether you want to keep the change it has put me into true Full Screen every time. But if that ever stops working, it’s at least nice to have other options to try.

Same for me, I’m really baffled that all the blizzard fanboys think that this is the best developer ever.

Since logging this afternoon, the game is stuck in windowed mode. I hope this error is resolved soon.

Thank you very much. I had no choice but to open and close the game again. Your suggestion worked.