Full Mute button/Group voice chat mute

Hello Support team,

I am looking to see if there is a button for a full mute option for Chat and Groups. or at the very lest a button to mute the group voice chat I am currently in.

For example: In games I find myself and my team either in WoW or COD or Diablo splitting up. And while my team is communicating to help my other teammates I am across the map or in the GULAG, cause I suck and died. And to be able to hear what is going on around me I want to temporarily mute both my group voice chat, that I am in, and my mic. So when I lose the next fight I do not distract my teammates and it gives me the best chance to win if I am split from my team.

This happens a great deal and my guess it happens to every single person that plays with a any kind of group, clans, guilds, or like myself with just 4 to 6 friends etc.

I found found the mic mute button but I cannot seem to find a button that mutes my group voice chat. Other wise I would just bind the to the same button, for myself. I know some people like to eat and play etc but I think a “full mute” button would be an easy and great feature to include.

Best wishes,