Frozen Heart bugged

The frigid shield affects party members not only mobs.

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Same issue. Imagine chilling your whole party in battlegrounds. Makes gem unusable. Many people used up their other gem to rank up this one and now without a gem at all (can’t take Frozen Heart into any party play). This needs to be fixed ASAP.

Frozen heart chill debuff proc on my character, in 8 player raids, dungeons and shadow war ( opposing shadow clan leader player not wearing gem) even, likely from party member wearing gem or game bug. Slows my character every few seconds when this should not occur at all. Debuff lasts about one second at a time. Log out and login fixes at first but after a short time it occurs again.

I tried to logout and login but it doesn’t solve, the gem cannot be removed

i found a temporary solution.

go to the merchant and take a identical item to the one where you put the gem, then equip it without transferring, then put the old item back with the correct gem and leave the frozen heart with the yellow item in inventory,

Saving the armor and skill sets also allows you to move the whole thing with the bug gem

This has been happening to me since the heart came out and no one believed me at first. Until I screen shotted the buff. Is this on the radar to be fixed?

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