Friendslist Favorites on top

Would it be possible to drag the “Playing World of Warcraft” to be underneath the “Favorites” tab?

More customizability options.

The beta version has something like this. In a given game tab, it moves all friends playing that game to the top of the list, which essentially puts it under the favorites section.

The beta is open to everyone, so if you’re not using it, you can give it a try. The switch is in the BDA’s settings. There should be a “Beta” category at the bottom of the setting’s categories.

@Leviathan I think you might have misunderstood the original poster slightly. In the current beta version, the friend list to the side places your friends who are playing the same game as you above your favorites. We would like to be able to place the favorites at the top of the list.

Ah! I see now.

True!You saw it coming!!