Friends list separate window strategy

Blizzard has failed to give a single reply to this request. It costs Blizzard nothing to ignore the forums and feedback.

Here is my strategy for getting this feature back. Everyone who wants this feature should submit a support ticket. Continue to submit tickets until it gets the attention of the support department head.

I invite you all to post your ticket numbers in this thread as it will keep this thread active and may just get us what we’ve been asking for since this new launcher hit beta.

Here is my support ticket for blizzard to refence. US78822949


Good idea. I commend you and I add to the mob.
This is my ticket ID: EU77216356

Come on out of your caves, I summon ye dwellers.
Come fight this giant and make Blizzard great again. :wink:

That is a good way to get an account suspended or banned for harassing the Support team by spamming them with tickets.

As I said above. A very bad idea.

The Support team has nothing to do with the decisions about game features or the Desktop app features. They are also not a contact point for feedback to the Bnet team, or any other Development team.