Friend sent me 2 gifts but only 1 arrived

I hate this new support system blizzard has. I need to talk to a support person and can’t get a hold of anyone. I opened 2 tickets now and get an error when try to access them, and no ones contacted me for over 2 days.

Also I can’t post a forum support request in the right category, this support system is horrible!!

Now my issue, a friend sent me 2 gifts, I received one, and never received the other. Please have a support person contact me about this.

The forums are not a means to get in contact with a Support Agent. Especially this one. This forum is for issues with installing the Desktop application (launcher).

The person who made the purchase is usually the one who needs to contact Support via ticket to resolve purchase issues.

What game or items were you gifted? That will help determine which form you should be posting on. Or more correctly, which forum they should be posting on.