Friend List disappeared on Desktop App and Mobile app broken

I’ve posted this in the Mobile App forum too as its present in both the Desktop App and the Mobile App.

I am not able to see my friends list or interact with friends on Battlenet. I am also no longer able to log into the Battle Net App on my iphone.

I have tried the following :
Battle.Net Version Update Agent Version

This issue started at 9pm UK time on the EU servers, 27/07/2023.

On Battle net and in game I can see blank icons for my friends and the only information I see are notes that I have applied to my friends to identify them, they all show as offline. I am not able to changed my status to online, it is always offline.
My friends cannot see me.
If they send me a chat message, I hear the bell and for a millisecond, the chat notication icon appears, then disappears immediately. I do not see the chat message appear.

I have tried uninstalling battle net completely, removing cached information and any folders for Blizzard Entertainment and the Battle Net Agent from %APPDATA% and %PROGRAMDATA%. I have also tried the beta Client, with no success.
On my phone (iOS 16.5.1(c)) and iPhone X, I am no longer able to connect to Battle Net, however the authenticator still works as intended so I am able to log into Battle Net on the desktop only. The latest Battle Net App is installed on my phone (v1.22.1 (6795)). This stopped working at the same time as the desktop client lost access to the friends list.

For my phone, I have tried access both over ethernet and also mobile - neither work.

This seems to be straight after your early morning Thursday maintenance slot.

Please help! I can no longer connect with my friends or use the iPhone BattleNet App!

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This is happening to me too. I also managed to get into D4 and it’s extremely laggy. Hopefully these issues will get fixed. I really don’t want to lose my friends.

same here :frowning: 08:09 pm 27-07-2023

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My husband, daughter, and I also have the same problem.

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same issue here can’t log in to games, desktop or mobile app… yea!!! So fun!