Friend cannot view other friends that are online

Submitted a support ticket but was referred here. Original ticket #US69992472 as follows:

Friend, kchien#1599, cannot view me or any other friend if we are online. We are able to chat but only through battlenet. I am able to view his online status along with what he is playing but he cannot do the same for me. I can challenge him to a game, but after the client says that it is awaiting his response after a few seconds it says he declined. We were sitting next to each other observing what happens and noted that he does not receive a request. We made sure that the request was made to the correct user as well. We have made sure that the correct region is selected on both and Hearthstone. I have also made sure that I am not shown as offline. We have tried removing and readding each other but problem still persisted. We have tried on both OSX and mobile devices. We also have made sure that we are in the correct regions for both and Hearthstone, Americas.

Gamemaster’s response as follows:

I understand you and a friend are having some trouble with playing each other in Hearthstone.

I apologize for frustrations this may have caused you both. It sounds a bit like you both or one of you are on each others ignore list, but as you mentioned, you both are able to chat with each other in the Battlenet chat means you both are not being ignored.

This sounds like a bug that our Dev team may need to check out more and I recommend to post on the Bug Report forums for the Battlenet App section of the forums in the link below.

This is so we can have our QA and Dev team run some test on their to see if maybe there is something wrong with how the App is communicating between two accounts which could help resolve the problems you are having. Unfortunately I do not have any kind of work around, but if you run any kind of test and find any solutions, please provide them on the forums in case others are running into this as well while our Dev team continues to investigate this.

If you have anymore questions about the account, please let me know.

I have the very same issue for a while now. i tried everything but for opening a new account. i cant see my freinds as online, but they can see me. we checked that we are on ethe same ios and game version (playing on ios on both sides but also tried playing over pc and had the same isssues…i just cant see my friens online. we have the same region, i resetted my pw, reinstalled the app more than once, checked all chat options, tried on differrent ios devices…the results are the same… i just cant freking play with my friends… we cann add each other a new but all that happens ist that he re appears in my freindlist stating: not online for blablabla time period…even though he is sitting next to me, connect via my wlan and shows me his list where i appear. he can invite me to a game bzt nothing happens on my side.
tell you the truth: this sucks and i stopped playing 2 times now, cause of this…also i have had the problem for over a year now…so it persists through the ips devices i had in that time, through ioa updates and different hearstone updates too…so what is going on, i am getting more then frustrated… and the dev. forums only gives you advice like “re-install app and change pw again…or empty cache” …nothing that help.
listing of tried ios models: iphone 7, ipad pro 2018, iphone 8, battlerapp on pc…