Free Upgrade to Diablo 2 Remastered (if one were to be released)

If you have a DIablo 2 Classic Key and in the event a D2 Remastered were to be released, do you think you would get a free upgrade to this version?

No, I not only don’t think that I would get this product of many hours of effort for free, nor would I want or expect to, rather, I would expect to pay for it. Just like any new product.

If folks wanted something like this, but wouldn’t be willing to pay for it, I wouldn’t want to be the guy at Blizzard explaining to the investors where all their money went.


This pipe dream remaster stuff again :rofl:

If it were to happen it’d be $50 or more.

It’d be free to play Diablo 2, but like in StarCraft, you can’t use the updated graphics unless you pay.

Give me one example of a remaster being released for free an your idea has some hint of validity. I feel like it may have happened once or twice, but not that I can think of. I for one would love a remaster, and would gladly buy it. I’ve gotten Final Fantasy X three times. The original release, as well as the sequel, on PS2, got the remaster on PS3 at midnight release, and just recently got it on PS4 when it went on sale. There are a few other games I have purchased again when the remaster came out, and I wouldn’t blink before pre-ordering a D2 remaster. That is assuming I could connect, as my home recently upgraded the internet and is now considered “business class” which apparently isn’t allowed on Bnet, despite being able to play literally every other Blizzard game on that internet.

Skyrim Special Edition. Existing Steam owners of the original Skyrim Legendary Edition got the new version for free.

Another example bioshock 1 and bioshock 2 remaster free upgrade on Steam

No, the work won’t be done for free for D2 players but you will be able to play the D2 you already own in some capacity. Which is fine, if it’s a quality product then the consumer gets a ton of value for that $20-60.