Free Co-op commanders reduced to level 5 and capped

In Starcraft II, my co-op commanders Artanis and Kerrigan were reset and capped at level 5. I have tried logging on from multiple computers and have the same issue. Is there something I can do to fix this or is another update/maintenance needed to SC 2?

hi, i know this tread was a year back but i am facing the same issue with 4 of my commander reduce to LV 5 from LV15 when i reach my ascension LV 700, is there anything i can do to restore it back?

Hi! Was there a fix for this already? My Free Coop Commanders are now also reduced to Lv 5 and capped yesterday as well.

Hey Eckz,

This forum is for bug reports with the game lunches, not for SC2.

Over in the SC2 forums there’s a thread already going about this issue.