Frame rate drops on PC after latest Stormpoint update


Immediately after the latest Stormpoint update one of my PCs went from running DI great to having all kinds of frame rate drop issues. It used to be a steady 60FPS now it drops to the 10-20 fps range often. It affects most areas of the game but it is the worst in the elder rift area.

Intel i7 4700
AMD RX 580 8GB
16GB ram
Windows 10 64 bit

I tried some routine fixes like rebooting the PC and updating the graphics driver but issue persists. Blizzard please fix this, thanks!

Anyone who can confirm the same issue please speak up!

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Stormpoint is an entire bug right now. And I guess everyone has FPS issues especially in this one area right now too. (Near the ship graveyard). Maybe it has to do with that rain effect or whatever. I never had any FPS problems with Diablo Immortal before (PC user). I also died there trying to make a side quest with 2 FPS.
I was also not able yet to finish the Map Event since mobs are buged and stuck under them ap so they can’t be killed to continue this event, happened twice already.

yeah stormpoint is bad too

I’ve been to the area on Hell 6 and Hell 7. The lag’s only apparent on Hell 6. It’s fine for me on Hell 7 and, according to clan-mates, it’s also fine on Hell 5.

Yes, I made some H7 runs there and besides some short “normal” hiccups it’s way better performance than H6. I have no clue how this is connected to the difficulty at all. ^^"

I thought my GFX card might have been the issue, it should not have been considering it was a Geforce GTX 1080 but decided to upgrade anyways just in case. So now I am on a Geforce GTX 3080 gaming edition. Still seeing massive drops. I even went so far as to kill all unnecessary background processes and set the game exe as high priority.

This game desperately needs a LOT of PC optimization.

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