So im a big MMO guy but im not a big 3rd person guy lol. blizzard bought this game Tibia origionally owned by cipsoft a long time ago, and i was thinking why is there not a fps mmorpg with an open world??? i mean they do but they are not really open world. they usually consist of very limited pvp and i find myself doing lots of irrelevant quests. iv been dreaming about a MMORPG basically exactly like tibia just boots on the ground fps.if you arent paying attention to your back while youre hunting demons then bam you get hit in the back. free world where you can grind creatures or go questing with the boys. if someone is in your hunting grounds then you should be able to attack him at random or he could attack you. if you die you lose your backback of loot and possibly a random chance to lose your weapon or armor. is this pheasable or not? and are people just not into mmos andymore or what.

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What are those:
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Those are from moderation actions. Caterpepi (the one who did the actions) locked the thread, meaning no replies could be made. And then shortly after, unlocked it which put it back to its normal state again.

I can’t say why. Maybe it was an accident. Maybe there were other reasons.

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