FPS Drops Picking Up Items and Now Killing Enemies (part5)

This has been going on since the introduction to the Ancients Cradle update. This takes no more than five minutes to occur.
If you pick up a lot of items, the FPS drops can exceed more than a second. This is why I think this is a calculation error for items going into the inventory.
As for killing enemies, I believe the cause is the RNG calculations.
Many posts about this before and not only me. Not the hardware. Software.
Samsung S23. WiFi-6

Have exactly the same problem, whenever i pick up something or enemies spawn i get massive micro stutters. The overworld is unplayable for me now only pvp content like battlegrounds seems to work. I play only at pc dont know if it happens on smartphones too. If it not get fixed (and i have little hopes:) i must stop playing, its a shame because i was already investing much time into the game.

Dont worry too much man. This game has so much flaws that devs dont give any sh!t about it. Its not because that the issues are complex. Theyre just stoopid beaches and resolving simple issues are rocket science to their d_mbasz brains. Dont sweat it bro.

Its a shame, i would write a ticket but sadly i already know the answer: Report your problem to this forum (and if you do so nothing happens). Today it was working a few minutes without prpblems then i did some random stuff like bg and the stutters are back again. Its sure only a small easy fixable problem but it completley kills every fun for people who suffers from it. Needless to say that i dont invest money again until this is fixed.

bumb to the top, problem still exists

Programmers are working on this because finally this has stopped. However, when I switched to another character, the lag occurred again.
For the past week, my main character experiences no lag but my other character does. Problem still persists.

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