Forum Flags and Reporting

I posted some questions on the WoW/CS forum in this regard. Directed here.

When a forum post has been flagged and is hidden or investigated can the post in question be communicated to the author in some meaningful way?

Feels like an oversight that there isn’t a clear way to review and discover what has been either highlighted by the system as an issue of note or flagged by the community for [X] which is noted in the comms.

The immediate solution to me would be as a function of [Activity] with the users profile.

One of the issues we are having around the overwatch forums is we USED to have false flagging being treated as something worthy of review. But, now it is being used for memes and just hiding stuff people don’t like.

Is there any way we can return to having false flagging being treated as a problem?

We moved away from the old forum, in part so that people couldn’t hide things they didn’t like by downvoting it out, now, we are in the same place with false flagging.

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It’s only a matter of time. Heroes of the Storm has had this case with an openly false flagging user 3 days ago and even 3 months ago to some extent targeting random posts that literally don’t violate anything even me when I did no violations, probably for being the most frequent posted there (15k posts FYI).

There’s very little to be done in our case, however I found documenting false flagging and sending to support as investigation helpful and I’ve received that the people who false flagged were actioned in the process which caused it to halt, a little bit…

Hopefully they up the false flagging a notch and make it a strict rule that anyone caught false flagging penalized heavily, I don’t care how much annoying and how much you dislike this post, it’s not flag worthy.


This is a good idea, I also discovered that editing flagged posts unhide it (after 10 minutes of being hidden), if by any means you posted something rude in the process during self reviews you can do that.