Forum bug report getting ignored?

After several tickets and discussions with blizzard support reps, I’ve been instructed to post the bug on the forums, but over 2 months later there has yet to be a single reply there… Not even a confirmation that it has been read or any request for additional info. I asked what to do in another ticket and was instructed to add another forum post about it to ask if there’s any new info but it also won’t let me add replies there to “bump” it up and it instead gives me an error because no one has replied there yet so I have to wait…
The forum thread is: My App doesn't show the "Breaking News" window
In any case, the window appeared for a day about a month ago and then disappeared again, never showing since…

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I think it’s obvious that their goal with this game was to pocket another $79.99 and then make it so terrible that no one would want to play it.

It disconnects constantly. The monsters are either comically overpowered or underpowered. No one in their right mind is going to play a game with a dozen packs of flipping trash that have a dozen mechanics to learn. If they had been trying to make this game disgusting to play - and I suspect that was their goal here - they couldn’t have done a better job.

From mind-numbing “anima” quests that do no good because they nuke any amazing power you have with “interesting choices” to Torghast that’s the dumbest level of any game I’ve ever played, I literally dread going to it… and why go to it? It’s not like that soul ash is going to do me any good because I can only wear ONE piece of legendary armor anyway.

Just a disgusting game. Cancelling after this month, but definitely going to get my money’s worth in server time before I do.

Done with Warcraft.

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