Forced Multiplayer kills the fun entirely

Often you cannot do the content you want because you cannot find a party for it even after trying for 10+ minutes and I am mostly playing Hell 1 so I only need a single other player to join me for now.

I tried getting parties for Hidden Lairs, dungeons dropping set items that aren’t extremely popular and shadow contract dungeons during times the server lagged because it was so full and have yet to find more than 2-3 parties despite dozens of tries.

And when I do multiplayer (extremely popular content) than it’s a huge chaotic mess because besides summons no party member fx are reduced and I can’t even tell what is going on because the screen is covered in explosions, magic and whatnot. It’s especially bad because the cursor is already easy to lose sight of during solo but during multiplayer it happens very often with all this sensory overload every time there is an enemy.

Forcing multiplayer is a Lose - Lose situation because it greatly reduced fun and playable content for players and I honestly cannot imagine who Blizzard can possibly profit from it compared to letting people solo whatever they want.

If it is some failed attempt at reducing payout to make sure players don’t get too many rewards too quickly or burn themselves out on content too quickly it is total nonsense because it is a far stronger reason for people to just stop playing than having spammed too many Hidden Lairs or something and drops and exp can very easily be balanced perfectly well without such extreme limitations as virtually all other online rpgs do it.

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