Forced log outs. Gee, thanks

It’d be dandy if I could play more than 10 minutes of Modern Warfare at a time. That being said this launcher is, by far, the absolute worst excuse I have personally ever seen. Why is it that Steam and even Origin can host their servers with this new influx of people but When my friends and I want to play, or just when I want to play a game off this launcher. Not only will I get a hard crash and pulled out of a game mid match. I also get logged out. No warning. Just a “servers are busy at the moment” then I get put in a 95 minute plus wait cue just to log in. I’ve been disrespected in my life plenty of times. I’ve never been so disrespected by a company though. The sooner Activision can get out of a contract with Blizzard the better. Maybe a better launcher can pick up the slack. I’ll probably lose this post in the forums but hey whatever. Blizzard wants feedback here you go. I think you’re running a terrible launching service and I think you need to step up your server game, BIG TIME. I’m sure as a company ya’ll are fine, but this service, the only way for me to play cross platform with my friends, is trash.