For me to continue playing wow. Please devs!

I really want to continue playing wow but there’s a problem. My wife and I just do battlegrounds. Just randoms. But here’s the problem, after a while there’s no progression , no point in them . All I want is to be able to get the best gear doing randoms, even if u make it a very long long grind … at least progression doesn’t stop & I don’t have to deactivate 2-3 accounts until it’s fun again . But who knows if this message would be answered …

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You are in the wrong forum, the forum for WoW (classic and retail) is this one.

However what you are requesting makes no sense at all.

Do you really expect them to change the game in a way players can get the best equipment in-game without any effort ?

They would lose a lot more than 2-3 accounts by doing what you suggested. If you want the best equipment then go to the best content like everyone else!