Fix the console! DIABLO 2 r

Just accidentally deleted my lvl 88 paladin because I accidentally pressed X and A at the same time!!! Such bull I have read about countless people doing this. The amount of hours that I just wasted is unbelievable…. My dad also plays this and hasn’t been able to play online due to being constantly disconnected by using wps or tps. Such a shame this game was released just for a cash grab with out putting bare minimum effort in to the details. Fix your game. QUALITY NOT QUANTITY YOU GREEDY Bastards!!!

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Gaming breaker. Currently there is no restoration service. Just now, my newbie paladin and lost of his gear. Worse, they pulled the plug restoring characters from the golden era. If it’s been deleted its gone. I am truly sorry. This is a game breaker. Bye bye D2. Just another remastered fail.