Fix price for Ukraine on Diablo 4!

I’m from Ukraine, and when I went to the Diablo 4 pre-order store I was shocked!
The prices I saw are absolutely not subject to regional prices!

2500 UAH for the standard edition is very, very much, the game is not worth it, considering that the game will have additional donation!

My opinion is that the prices should be:
1449 UAH - 2149 UAH - 2449 UAH

You will have much more interested potential players if you lower the price for the game for Ukraine.
I don’t know about other regions, but I suspect the situation is the same.


In the United Kingdom, the price of the base game is £59.99
According to a currency convertor, that comes out at 2762.45 Ukrainian Hryvni…

…so you’re getting it cheaper than we are.

The point is that the price is not regional for our region.
AAA projects cost much less in our country.

The average wage in my country and yours is different.

If £59.99 is a lot of money for a game in your country, and AAA games are cheaper on average, then it makes sense to talk about it and insist on lowering the price for Diablo 4.
If that amount for your country per game is considered the norm, it’s not for ours.