Fix Overwatch 2

Are you guys retarded? No forum for the grossly unaccounted for problems of Overwatch 2? Address why I can’t get into a server & why I keep getting kicked in the middle of a game


Overwatch 2 forums says Hello !

Overwatch 2 launch status update:

List of known issues in Overwatch 2:

Overwatch 2 Technical Support forums for all your installation, launching/crashes and connection issues:

The info is there – why can you not find it ???

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how do I get ahold of an actual human being. They did a terrible job with making it distinct which currency im using to purchase an emote. instead of my legacy coins i spent 500 premium coins and it wont let me refund. After 4 days of terrible service i lose a quarter of my premium coins that I purchased in that rip off of a watchpoint pack. I want a refund.

its insane that companies can get away with removing customer support when they are on of the biggest companies on the planet. give me my god damn coins back.

Their hatred runs strong…but we must ask…is he wrong?

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What are the benefits of the people who spent $35 on overwatch 1, there’s no benefit and now all hero’s are not free

Why was this game released in this state? What highschool intermural team did they trust their IP to, and why?

Of course they are retarded and Overwatch 2 is a solid proof of it.