Fix D2R servers, Blizzard

Seriously, this game has gone down multiple times just within the last week and has been down for hours upon hours each time. This is getting ridiculous to the point many people are regretting even buying this hot steaming pile of garbage you call a remaster. It’s clear that you don’t care about the Diablo community and this was just a cash grab. We’ve had no acknowledgement nor any word on a patch that will fix the issues. The only reason I bought this was to play with friends and since I can’t even do that due to the servers, might as well refund it.

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drop again xD wiiiiii best game I buyd on my entire life

blizzards are not serius at all.

I like to think I have a good amount of patience, but its just getting beyond reasonable at this point.


refund to us !!MTFK Blizzard!!!

Right in the middle of a Diablo fight, and poof. This game is over 20 years old, “updated”, and we’re having issues like this? There is no excuse for this.

Ля каждый день эта проблема мало того что у половины моих друзей не запускается эта игра так ещё и серваки падают каждый день примерно после обеда, зато ночью всё норм!
прям бесит, вылетает из игры и весь прогресс идёт по одному месту!

Just fed up with this crap

Is it possible to launch a petition to claim a compensation from Blz?

Really wanna sue the fk LoL…


Я согласен. это очень обидно.

Как гласит старая пословица, стрелять в медведя неразумно.

Я думаю, нам стоит снять этого. МЕТЕЛЬ

i have the same experiece, at exactly 2100H here in PH. i could not connect until the next morning this has been happening since day 1. please help

So, i would imagine a lot of are people who used to play the original when we were kids. Now, as adults, with wives, and kids… We do not have nearly as much spare time as we used to. I wake up a little early in the morning, or ill stay awake for an extra hour or two after my kids go to sleep to try and unwind. D2R comes out. Sweet, I can go down memory lane and have some good clean fun. Well apparently not. These server outages are a massive disappointment. Honestly, none of us need a $20.00 compensation, and honestly none of us want our money back, what we want is this to be fixed. Whatever the issue with the server, it is unprofessional and embarrassing that it has gone on for this many weeks. If it is ddos, or something out of Blizzards control, we should be informed so that we might have a bit of sympathy and patience. I have a bad feeling that its neglect and carelessness.
A little transparency goes a long way Blizzard. You’re ruining what is destined to be a bada$$ AF game.


Wackyass company and people who are working on the game… I just bought another D2res account I think I need to give them a call for a refund. And ask what’s up with the on going problem with the more than 15 yr old game.


REFUND!!! I’ve lost my char twice now, getting old. if its not playable give us back our money.

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“We are aware of an issue that is effecting our authentication servers, which may result in slow or failed login attempt. We are currently investigating the cause and will provide updates as they are available. Please follow @BlizzardCS on Twitter for further updates.”

I’ve seen that post in Battlenet many times over the past 6 days.
Has anyone seen an update yet?

Not all of us have Twitter.

They should report Bnet will be down for a few days to fix the online issues (mainly disconnects and bnet connection) or they need to get it together and make it clear what to expect, we aren’t living in China with strict curfews and that the servers will be on once the devs wake up (God removing Lan/TCIP was a terrible decision).

I hope this isn’t a preview on what D4 will be, you can play when we feel like it!