Ffgarg - download issue

blizzard, its you. In one forum your mod say we are not capping then the next you say you are, I think you should just tell us whats up and not run us around i am getting upset that if i want to play cod mw it will take me two days to dl because there are caps on the speed. if was stated that it was like that i might have changed my purchase idea. Especially because i already had warzone bought the game and then it freaked out and crashed and started a 98 gig download why am i downloading again???


Most of the players experiencing bandwidth caps live in Europe, and it doesn’t appear that you do unless you’re using a VPN currently. What error do you get when you try to install, if any, or is it just slow? What have you tried to troubleshoot this? Does the download speed improve late at night, or is it bad constantly?

While there is some throttling occurring as you can see at the sticky thread at the top of the forums - this doesn’t explain all of the problems players have. There are dozens of possible causes of a slow download. If you’re still having trouble, we’re happy to check it out with you and see if it’s the slow download issue from the sticky or something else.

it is constantly bad and this is a brand new pc build i just downloaded it on 3 different computers and this issue is on all 3


I understand that this is frustrating, but I can’t help you if you don’t answer the questions I’m asking you here. Are you getting any error messages or error codes when you try to install? What steps have you already tried? This will help us speed up getting a solution for you.