Feedback on store pages and MW 2019

its confusing that Modern Warfare (2019) is hidden behind “Warzone”, you guys even needed to create a help article to guide people looking for MW 2019 there, thats how you know it was a clumsy decision. its also confusing that you make it appear that Modern Warfare (2019) is free to play when only the Warzone mode is free to play, you have to first insert a phone number to figure all of this out later. all of these decisions are bizarre, its almost like youre trying to erase MW 2019 from existence or rename it into one of its game modes. what happened there??

the store pages for MW2019 and Vanguard have advertisements for other games or zombie DLC at the top, no summaries or info about the specific game, no upfront pricing, its tough to tell if im even at the right page, its not very friendly to new shoppers who are browsing and wanting to learn more about the game. take notes from Steam and create proper store pages for all games