Feedback on pc version of immortal

I post here because of the limit on bug sub forum.
First of all ill like an option to see my gear score when i look at my character screen in the game, I have no idea how my gear score is regarding joining raids and such.

Also an option to block party invites wich is really annoying to pop up every second it destroys the gameplay totally, and you are interrupted all the time when fighting enemys by the huge pop up window.
Its really really annoying.

Also the game need a lot more information. Like where to do the campfire warband thing to kill 10000 enemys. Have no idea where that is.

Also an option to hide quest you are currently not doing so you only watch the quests you are doing.

And left mouse to attack should be the only thing it does, and not make you move wich is by setting right mouse button. You constantly move into enemys while shooting wich is annoying as ranged class. Left should only shoot wich the settings say it does.
It like the keybindings have its own will.
I dont want to hold shift when my finger are on the number buttons. you should just stay and shoot using left mouse button.

And in the first raid you dont have enough time to get in cover so you die and raid fails have tryed 5 times now. Its just impossible.

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I’d like to add to this topic.

  1. As a long time Diablo III user I find Diablo Immortal the mouse interface to be clumsy in the extreme. I’ve been killed a number of times now because I cannot quickly switch from movement to attack. A Wizard character is optimized as a ranged attack character. The best policy for a Wizard is to dance in and out of attack range.

  2. On D3, the inventory interfaces are much more useful. Just hovering the cursor over a potential choice brings up a comparison of the new item with the equipped item. In Immortal, the potential choice must be selected in order to bring up a comparison.

  3. I’m not a social player. As far as I can tell, there’s no way to completely shut down the chat stuff blocking part of the screen. Similarly, I see many other players wandering all over the screen, which is a real distraction as it is sometimes difficult to separate the enemies from the (from my point of view) NPCs.

As a result, I’ve removed Immortal from my PC because I’ve been quite frustrated, trying to achieve the speed and flexibility that I enjoy on D3.

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on PC with immortal the right click is walk only. i have found the best way to do things is to swap them so left click is movement only and right click is move/attack.

your post has covered a lot of the issues im having with the game as well, right now im trying to set up a warband and it saying “establish a warband camp” and nothing else doesnt help at all for the guide quest.

we definitely need to be able yo click other players and invite them instead of this auto find stuff they implemented. i was in an area just finishing up the map and it gave me a suggested party member because we were doing similar tasks… like, im just walking around.

and the tips to click to the menu going over the mini map is stupid as well -.-

Clickable UI elements are too easy to click by mistake on PC,
The leave rift, the ! when you are doing a dungeon higher level than your gear, this almost killed me too.

It would be nice if my game profile/characters moved between PCs when I logged into on different PCs. D3 and WIII support this.