Feedback for your forums!

I Have feedback is for your forum’s (all of them).

Feedback as follows

To upgrade the safety of all forum user’s I suggest a similar block feature to that of Twitter’s. Twitter has both block and mute features. As your forum’s already have a mute that is great I want to suggest upgrading the Block feature. Twitter’s Block feature from my understanding makes it impossible for a user who I block to see what I post, they may be able to see it as a reply from someone else however they can not reply as it say’s this “you are not permitted to view this content” or something along those lines. Basically my original “tweets” are blocked from the user I have blocked from viewing, or responding. They also can not see my page as it says when going to my user page “You are Blocked”. Having a system like this will help people who like my team and I who have been harassed by another user to just block him/her and never see a reply or message from him again. It can also be used not just to prevent said user to reply to another who has blocked him/her but also to remove his/her posts from being visible has if it was never posted in the first place. Basically similar to the “Ignored Comment” line but instead of being able to click on it and view it the view button does not exist. If some clarification is needed I can provide a more detailed feedback via email.

In my opinion this upgrade will allow people who don’t like how other user’s are treating other’s call name etc, to block those user’s and prevent them from replying to them. In to day day and age with all the hate going around even a forum rules must be upgraded to help prevent hateful comments from being seen. and imo your current system does not work.