Feedback and disrespect bye blizzard staff

bane hackers would help stop treating me lijke trash answeare tickets in timely maner not just ingokre the tickets about hackers

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If you wish to report someone for cheating in game there is a proper way to do that.

  1. Use the in-game reporting tools. Those capture the account info and logs needed.
  2. You can email with more details and video if needed, or if you can’t report in game. They don’t reply to you though. It is not a ticket to target a particular person.

Investigations are done over time usually aimed at researching the specific cheating software, how to detect it, how to break it and collecting info on all the people using it. Then a big ban wave goes out.

You should not be putting in a ticket for cheating. That is not going to help because it goes to the wrong people and they won’t be able to help you. Customer Service does not handle anti cheating detection or bans.

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that be nice if u acutaly did some miss cheatah u think i haveent ur souprvisore jack told me in nemaile they wont do nothing aboutbout the cheating hacking wevry 6 months that bs ur game soo broke when i use quick play it only lets me use healing i try update wont up dATE UR COMPANY SUCH CRAP EVRY ONES MADE U LIED TO USE THINK UR GONA GET AWAY WITH IT WHAT A JOKE THIS GAME IS AN UTTER FAILURE TAKE IT OFF LINE FIX IT

Based on this it seems like they probably ignore you based on your general demeanor, When you report things you are not entitled to direct responses unless they require more information.

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MVPs are other players, not Blizzard staff. MVPs do not speak for, or represent Blizzard.

You were given the correct way to report cheating in Overwatch. That is all you can do. Frustration that cheating exists is understandable, but they are not going to respond to you personally about people you think are cheaters.

Report it then move on.

Ranting at people, esp people who don’t work at Blizzard, won’t help.

Not addressing the issue won’t help either… What is Blizzard doing to combat against cheaters in their games?